John Yakimow
3701 Lethbridge Drive
Abbotsford, British Columbia
V3G 1J5
(604) 855 - 7464


-Experienced with the process of video game quality assurance.

-Skilled in the use of Photoshop 5 and up, Unreal Editor, and Maya 4.5 and up. Can also use 3DS Max 4.2, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Front Page.

-Operate both Macintosh and PC IBM computers (type at 100+ words per minute).


-Creating 2D and 3D artwork, located on online portfolio at

-Artist for online webcomic Dungeons & Denizens, located at Currently working on publishing trade paperback collection with webcomic writer.

-Artistic commissions, including gift images, online game image design, and website design.

-Reading and drawing sci-fi / fantasy. Video games. Warhammer table-top games.